Terminus Gains T02-603STD

Weight: 1kg, 100 grams
Material: 900D PU Nylon
Color: Black
Dimension: 18″(H) x 12.5″(W) x 7″(D)

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Weight: 1kg, 100 grams Material: 900D PU Nylon
Color: Black Dimension: 18″(H) x 12.5″(W) x 7″(D)
Weight: 0kg, 340 grams Material: Compact Nylon & Polyester Cotton Lining Color: Black
Dimension: 5.5” (H) x 8” (W) x 2.5” (D)
Weight1 kg, 600 grams
MaterialNylon 1680D + 150D PU lining Color: Apple Green, Grey Dimension18"(H) x 14"(W) x 7"(D)
Weight1 kg, 0 grams
Material300D Polyester + 210 PU Lining Color: Black, Khaki Green Dimension17” (H) x 12” (W) x 6” (D)
Weight: 0 kg, 540 grams
MaterialTextured Polyester & 210 PU Lining Color: Navy Blue, Dark Grey Dimension18.5” H X 12” W X 7” D
Weight1 kg, 800 grams
MaterialCompact Nylon + 210 PU Lining + Stretch-Woven PU Color: Black Dimension19" (H) x 13" (W) x 9" (D)
Content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdKeZqY2K4Ehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_aPTGiAOO4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLSQMGExToY A sturdy yet comfortable smart and suave laptop backpack that can house multiple gadgets and possessions that are essential for business work, meeting or travel.
  • Easy access top pocket offers convenience for storing sunglasses, coins and transport cards.
  • A discreet front compartment that can conceal important and essential belongings such as keys, notepad and book.
  • Organized middle zippered compartment to keep your wallet, mobile phone, camera, document and office stationery, and has mesh pockets for easy storage and location of small items.
  • Spacious charging compartment with a clamshell opening that is suitable for charging on the go or out of view charging for laptop, tablet and mobile phone.
  • Laptop and power bank charging from an external power source can be connected via 2 side inlet. A side outlet is prepared for USB cable charging of external gadgets.
  • Tablet up to 10” and mobile phone up to 6” can be conveniently charged within the bag from a power bank.
  • USB cable can be routed within the bag through an array of orderly elastic band and be kept inside for subsequent charging.
  • Laptop charging adaptor can be quickly tucked into the bottom zippered compartment that is layered with rugged scratch-resistant material.
  • Two side pockets with a water-resistant lining that could hold water bottle and thermal flask.
  • Strong and comfortable padded handle for hand carrying at ease.
  • Back mesh padding having an ergonomic shape that rests comfortably on the user’s body and provides stable support.
  • A pass-through on the back lets you slip the backpack onto a rolling suitcase.
  • Additional sternum strap buckle to give a more secured grip.
https://youtu.be/myZ-YDATuw8 Volume between 22L to 28L
  • In-flight convenience
  • Adjustable magnetized buckle
  • Two zippered side compartments
  • Two side access zips (left & right) allow quick access into the main compartment
  • Padded pocket for 15” laptops.
  • Pocket for tablets (up to 12.9”)
  • Multi-purpose extra-large zippered compartment
  • (RFID protected)
  • Integrated USB port for charging
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Weight 1.6 kg

black, Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Red, Green, Green (Turquoise), Grey, Khaki Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Turquoise

Weight 1 kg

black, Blue, Brown, Dark Red, Green, Grey, Khaki Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Turquoise

Weight 1 kg

Blue, Grey

Weight 1.8 kg